Sunday, April 18, 2010

a day in sydney

today i picked up the the chairs that i had left an absentee bid on at Mitchell road auctions , they are fantastic , Cintique Milano 1960s very original , made from coachwood with cane inserts they have have a very long seat and are one of my favourite ever chairs made in australia .the timber frames are in mint condition but have been badly upholstered so will have to get some neutral fabric to finish them off ....we decided to grab some vietnamese in hurstville and then to venture home , council cleanup was on in sylvania and we got quite a haul , including a casala chair 2 yellow retro mirrors an art deco mirror , an italian lamp base . 4 timber kitchen chairs and a few other small items , yippee i love garbage throw out .......a quick stop off at sutherland vinnies late and i grabbed a small laddreax shelving unit for $5 , my lucky day ........

Friday, April 16, 2010

noritake & g plan

theres nothing like visiting my partners father in the southern highlands , he s a great old character and and highly entertaining , whats almost as good are the op shops nearby and the local tip shop ....after a delicious lunch with lu lu and ring in stella we ventured off to find some treasure , wow whats this a beautifully styled bureau from the 50s with great little handles , dovetails and great retro appeal ...nooooooooooooooo it has that dreaded red sticker that all avid op shoppers fear its been SOLD , i take a closer look and see that its 1 month since its been sold and even better a phone number , i take a chance and ring the number , hi alison are you still going to buy this old piece , "well im actually having trouble with transportation you may as well have it "..."YIPPEE, we do some fast talking with the shop keeper , " gosh you must be desperate to go to so much trouble " no i just like it we reply in unison ...our little timber bureau/ cabinet turns out to be an english made G PLAN, fantastic not bad for $60 and well worth the effort , it will need a little tlc but not much , we grab a few other smalls and leave satisfied ......the last op shop of the day is having a sale 60% off , this particular shop has been so spoiled over time thats its hardly even worth visiting , we spot a couple of interesting Noritake figurines , " no they have already been discounted replies the old grumpy volunteer" ," i dont think so says my partner , it says every thing in the counter is discounted , i leave the shop knowing trouble is approaching , three managers appear , yes it appears that they have falsely advertised their sale, we grab the figurines and head off into the sunset happy to have beaten the old bags at their silly game .....noritake is now listed and the g plan cabinet is in the operating room having some improvements done.......

Friday, March 26, 2010

cedar cabinet possibly 1880s

well another day on the road this time outer western suburbs saw us bringing back a wonderful old cedar set of drawers ,the lady originally wanted $500 , but after a little smoozing we settled on $400 , it has a deep rich old weathered patina that can only come with years of use , great pearl inlaid drawer handles and brass locks ..... it does however need much work done to it , so ive entrusted it with my good friend ben from RED POINT RESTORATIONS to complete its partial restoration , he reckons about a months work so fingers crossed he can find the pieces he needs to bring this beauty back to its former glory......

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ebay listing

well i found some cool chairs today at the local op shop , they will match nicely with my table , unfortunately the lady behind the counter now thinks anything that comes from the 60 s or 70 s is RETRO and has decided that she is an antique dealer and so expects top dollar for anything she sells , i admire her nous but op shops are no longer the favoured haunts of people like myself , anyway i have listed a few things tonight on ebay my user id is revival-6070 so check out my stuff, and bid away .......

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Monday, March 22, 2010

ellis ceramic ram 1960

i couldnt believe my luck i found one of these little beauties on sunday morning at dapto markets in mint condition, lime green and black , the marketeer wanted $75 , i thought thats pretty good , im sure ive seen one before fetch well over $200 on ebay , we settled on $70 ....apparently this little fella was made in 1960 by ELLIS ceramics , a highly collectable and sought after piece of australian mid century design, a number of animal figures were made in this time , including heavily glazed stylized lions and rams ........i will hang onto him for a little while and enjoy .

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Supertrash , the start

whoa its been a busy few weeks , we ve had some fantastic sales in the shop and on EBAY ive come to realisation that i need SUPERTRASH to morph into different areas ,my role as ceo is about to become far greater .my techno partner has convinced me to start blogging so here i am writing my first blog .....i am a hunter gathererer , i dont find and kill prey , i seek out church fetes , garage sales , op shops and the like for stuff , not just any old stuff but stuff that i know will sell in other market places for lots lots more , or thats my idea anyway..Over the past few years ive learnt so much about different stuff , my obsession is mid century items ,1950s - 70s furniture and homewares ..This industry is full of interesting characters,and hopefully i ll show you some along the way on my video blogs . Anyway i cant spend too much time blagging on ive got stuff to sell and old grannies to haggle with so till next time .......

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